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We desire you prayers more than anything. If all you can do is give money then we appreciate your giving. If you are able to give your time to make a difference that is, also great, but the most needed gift for any ministry  is people who really will commit themselves to take the time to pray, fervently and effectually.



You may want to volunteer by spending your time investing in youth. Please e-mail us for insight on how you can get involved. If you are not local, please look for ways to become involved in your city, there are no places where you are not needed and cannot make a difference. Please send us an email to see if we can help you become involved in your city.



Of course it costs money to accomplish our mission. We are serving youth who are often from families (most often single parent homes) living below the poverty level, and most of the kids have no income themselves to support the group. So we must rely on the goodwill of people outside the weekly meetings to partner with us. People like you, who want to unlock their potential to make a difference in Springfield! In fact, the neighborhood where Inside Out Youth is located has a poverty rate of 37.1% (four times the national average). The unemployment rate is three times the national average as is the high school drop out rate. With your giving, prayers and faith, these are statistics that we intend to change!


You can get involved in this exiting Inside Out change today by making a tax deductible contribution to Inside Out. We need you, and appreciate your involvement. Most of all we desire your prayers and your love for  our kids and community. If you can't be involved directly, then please pray that God will send those who can, and then HE will. 

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Our mission is creating positive change in the lives of at-risk youth and their families from the Inside Out – Through Jesus Christ

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